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Criminal Defense

As a former criminal prosecutor, a constitutional scholar, and a scholar of the criminal justice systems, I offer unique advantages to my criminal defense clients.

When I was in law school at the University of Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to earn my masters degree in criminology in addition to my law degree.  My studies in criminology gave me a unique perspective regarding the ins and outs of policing, punishment, alternatives to incarceration, and methods to reduce recidivism.  While I was a criminal prosecutor at the Dallas County District Attorneys Office, my knowledge and education informed my practice.  I also taught as an adjunct professor of criminal justice at the University of Texas at Arlington, and I taught as a volunteer instructor at the Dallas Police Department's police academy.  As a criminal defense attorney, I use what I have learned and the experience I have gained to advocate for the best outcome for my clients.  I work to keep my clients out of jail or prison whenever possible.  I advocate for alternatives such as conditional dismissals or creative probations where appropriate.

My education also focused heavily on Constitutional Law.  I am a firm believer in the US Constitution and the Rule of Law.  As a result, I know how to hold law enforcement accountable to do their job correctly.  It is not enough in this country, for purposes of criminal punishment, to be guilty of a crime.  The State must prove a defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, using evidence lawfully obtained, and without violating any other rights of the defendant.  I hold law enforcement strictly to the high burdens of their task when representing my clients.  If evidence was seized improperly, it should be excluded.  If confessions were obtained without proper protocols, they should be inadmissible in court.  The Constitution protects your rights, but only if your attorney knows how to use it.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a criminal offense in Dallas, Denton, or Tarrant County (other counties may be available upon request), call or email today for a consultation.  Let me help ensure your rights are protected and your sentence, if any, is the best outcome for you under your particular circumstances.

Services available:
Defense of all Class A and Class B misdemeanors
Defense for DWI/DUI (any level)
Defense of all state-jail felonies
Defense of all drug-related offenses (any level)
Defense of all prostitution-related offenses (any level)
Defense of alleged probation violations
Defense of other charges upon request with the following exceptions:
I do not defend against any charges involving child victims (sexual, violent, or otherwise)
I do not represent minors in juvenile proceedings
I do not defend against charges of capital murder
I do not defend against traffic violations

Criminal defense rates are available upon request and depend upon the level of the charge, the nature of the offense charged, and the county in which the case is set.

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